In the world of construction and excavation, innovation drives progress. At The Attachment Company, we love getting involved in the “less common” uses for our attachments, especially with our latest collaboration with Auger Torque. This is one of them – the first PA auger drive we have supplied in 2024: the Auger Torque 42,000MAX Earth Drill, configured for unmatched horizontal drilling capabilities.

A Collaboration of Innovation

Working closely with Auger Torque, we’ve custom-configured the 42,000MAX Earth Drill to meet the specifi needs of our customer and their application. As opposed to the standard vertical drilling set up that would be the normal for an auger drive of this size, we have built this specifically for drilling horizontal

Unparalleled Horizontal Drilling

Equipped with a unique cradle hitch bracket, the Auger Torque 42,000MAX is engineered for horizontal drilling. This bespoke setup allows for precise, efficient horizontal drilling and can be used on both 14 and 20ton class excavators

Custom Configuration

Understanding the unique needs of our customer, we’ve taken a hands-on approach to design and fabricate this setup in-house in collaboration with Auger Torque and NUB Engineering. This setup was supplied with 8 meters of continuously flighted augers, 680mm in diameter, divided into four sections of 2 meters each. To ensure versatility in various ground conditions, it’s supplied with both an earth and a heavy-duty rock boring head.

Take a look around below:

20240125 155158 scaled
20240125 155139 scaled
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