The Attachment Company is gearing up to make a significant impact at ScotPlant 2024, Scotland’s premier construction equipment exhibition. Taking place at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh on the 26th and 27th of April, this event is the ultimate showcase for the latest in construction technology and innovation. We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting a comprehensive range of our top-quality attachments, designed to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry.

Featured Attachments at ScotPlant 2024

GB Hydraulic Breakers: Renowned for their power and efficiency, our GB Hydraulic Breakers are engineered to break through the toughest materials, making demolition and construction projects smoother and more efficient.

Simex VSE Screening Buckets: Revolutionize your material sorting with the Simex VSE Screening Buckets. These attachments are perfect for separating different materials on-site, saving time and resources in construction and landscaping projects.

Simex Planers: Ideal for road work and pavement maintenance, Simex Planers offer precision and durability. These attachments are designed to work under challenging conditions, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Echotec Tree Shears: For forestry and landscaping tasks, our Echotec Tree Shears provide unmatched cutting power and maneuverability. These attachments are essential for efficient tree management and land clearing operations.

Attachworx S-type Attachments: Attachworx S-type attachments are versatile tools for a wide range of construction tasks, known for their durability and performance. Whether you’re digging, grading, or handling materials, these attachments deliver.

Cangini Flails: Tackle overgrowth and maintain landscapes with ease using Cangini Flails. These attachments are designed for strength and flexibility, providing a high-quality finish in vegetation management.

Kinshofer NOX Attachments: The Kinshofer NOX Attachments represent the pinnacle of innovation in construction equipment. With their unique design and functionality, these attachments offer versatility and efficiency for various construction applications.

Why Visit The Attachment Company at ScotPlant 2024?

ScotPlant 2024 is the perfect opportunity to explore the latest advancements in construction equipment. By visiting The Attachment Company’s exhibit, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Meet the Experts: Our team will be available to discuss your specific project needs and help you find the perfect attachment solutions.
  • Explore a Wide Range of Products: With a diverse lineup of attachments on display, you’re sure to discover tools that can enhance your operational efficiency and productivity.

Join Us

Mark your calendars for the 26th and 27th of April and make plans to join us at the Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh, for ScotPlant 2024. We look forward to showcasing our innovative attachments and connecting with professionals from across the construction industry.

Finding us at ScotPlant 2024 couldn’t be easier. The Attachment Company is proudly located at Space 13th Avenue No.16, situated on the main route into the show. This prime location ensures that you won’t miss us as you make your way into the heart of Scotland’s largest construction equipment exhibition. Our spot on 13th Avenue not only makes for easy access but also positions us perfectly to greet you with our latest range of innovative attachments as soon as you arrive. Whether you’re coming to explore the newest trends in construction technology or seeking specific solutions for your projects, our team will be there to welcome you and guide you through our comprehensive display of products. Make sure to stop by and see how we can help elevate your construction capabilities to the next level.

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