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The NOX Tiltrotator provides a third dimension, resulting in a reduced need to reposition your carrier machine. Ground damages and subsequent recultivation works are minimized. When laying out a garden or protecting slopes from erosion, the functionality of the NOX strongly shortens the construction time.


Excavation or filling works can be realized precisely thanks to the
NOX Tiltrotator with its tilt and turn function. The work can be done
within the reach of the excavator arm without repositioning the
carrier machine in a faster and more
profitable way. The working safety on
site is also increased when handling
construction material.


Thanks to the NOX Tiltrotator, a lot of works that are difficult or impossible in rail construction due to the limited lateral mobility of the carrier machine can be realized. Works under already existing rails or at slopes as well as the exact positioning of sleepers are possible without repositioning the excavator thanks to the tilt and turn function.


When constructing roads, time is a crucial factor, but also precision and safety when e.g. levelling grounds, working at embankments or excavating soil. Thanks to the tilt and turn function of the NOX Tiltrotator, all works can be managed safely from the driver‘s cabin and less manpower is required in the danger area.


Working in sewer systems is characterized by little space and narrow areas. With a NOX Tiltrotator you can easily dig around gully wells or excavate from the required angle without repositioning the excavator. The endless rotation and the tilt angle to both sides allows for the exact positioning of the attachment.


The NOX Tiltrotator enables precise working under, in between or close to already existing cables. By tilting and turning the attachment in the required position, you can reduce manual cable duct works. When maintaining existing cable ducts or installing new ones, works can be realized much more effectively and after all more safely.


Precise handling of e.g. palletized curbstones is no problem with the NOX Tiltrotator. The high and constant holding torque allows for a safe holding of loads. When operating in narrow areas, loads can be held e.g. around scaffolding or lifted over a fence.


The immediate separation of debris at the demolition site saves a lot of time and recycling costs. Some building materials have to be disposed separately and with the NOX Tiltrotator you can separate those precisely from the other materials. After loading the material, the construction site can be cleared with e.g. a brush mounted to the NOX.

Large variety of KINSHOFER attachments

4 grip


Easy mounting – easy handling of your tasks: that is our new 4-Grip for our demolition and sorting grabs of the D-series up to 9t operating weight as well as our multi-purpose grabs of the A-series up to 9t. The device is easily bolt onto the shells and you can grab concrete units, curbstones etc. smoothly.

Thanks to its special kinematics you can grab items not only when closing the shells but also when opening. Shaft rings can be loaded and unloaded fast and easy without damaging them!

▷ Economic solution, as it is only an accessory that increases the flexibility of your attachment
▷ Robust design
▷ Plastic compression rolls avoid damage of the material to be gripped
▷ Fast and easy mounting and removal on site
▷ Low additional weight: only 28 kg in total
▷ High load capacity of max. 900 kg (depending on model)
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