Solar Panel Lifter System


The Solar Panel Lifter system allows easy installation and manipulation of solar panel modules in field via attachment to a variety of mini-excavators. This system reduces worker fatigue and wind gust concerns, increases worker safety, and gently handles the delicate modules

  • 360 degree rotation of pads for panel alignment
  • 5 inches of vertical vacuum pad travel to protect panel if misaligned
  • Folding legs for storage
  • Alignment tips to keep cups parallel to panel during attachment
  • 12V system powered from the excavator’s charging system
  • Captured ball joint vacuum pad connections
  • Soft silicone vacuum pads prevent damage to panel
  • 300 lbs standard capacity


Pallet Curler

The Pallet Curler system allows easy rotation and movement of solar panel pallets in field. The Pallet Curler attaches to skid steers to freely operate and move pallets while the SPL is attached to a separate host machine.

  • 90 degree rotation of pallets allows for ideal horizontal position during installation.
  • Runs on the hydraulic power take-off of host machine
  • Controlled by host machine’s controllers
  • Safety Bumper protects panels when moving and rotating
  • Allows for easy movement, rotation, or relocation of the solar panel pallet, minimizing worker fatigue and injury.



Solar Panel Industsry


300 lb (136 kg)


Mini Excavators

Lift Capacity Weight (kg) LxWxH (mm)


300 lb (136 kg)

120 lb (54.4 kg)

32.1 x 30.1 x 46.3 (815.3 x 764.5 x 1176 mm)

Pallet Curler

3,000 lb (1,360.7 kg)
580 lb (263 kg)
90” x 51.2 x 50” (2,286 x 1,300.4 x 1,270 mm)
Quick Hitch Adapter are available for virtually all host machines (weight not included in the table above).

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